You should read these comics. Why? Because I told you to, and giving in to peer pressure is always cool.

Paragon Fishing



Jamie and Nick

Wapsi Square

It's Walky!

Dunn Boyz

Penny Arcade


Nothing Nice to Say

... i'll add more once i get too much time on my hands and start reading webcomics as my only form of entertainment.

here are some other pages you should check out:

From here to Madrid My friend's band, based in frigid Fredonia, NY! my friend Jonny's page. it's pretty bizarre but he was nice enough to link to me, so i'm returning the favor.

one step forward: an awesome band from ym neck of the woods; check out their stuff and help keep rock alive! they make an appearance in episode 15, by the way.

Routine Chaos: Bear, the bassdude, used to play for a favorite local band of mine. Check them out if punk is your thing.

Natalie Dee: Drawings to Huff By: Some call it an ExplodingDog ripoff; I just call it "hilarious".

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