Not everyone you see in Hey Suburbia appears here, but these are the characters who show up most often. Each cast member is handpackaged and mixed from concentrate, no preservatives added.

Name: Andy
Description: 100% grade-A Colombian emo
Music: Mates of State, Osker, Smashing Pumpkins
FYI: Same size jeans as Liz

Name: Allie
Description: human dynamo
Music: Jawbreaker, Kid Dynamite, Samiam
FYI: loves little furry animals, exotic bacteria

Name: Jonny
Description: anti-clothing activist, lover of Volvos
Music: Nirvana, Sublime, the Eyeliners
FYI: fascinated by schoolgirl uniforms

Name: Kevin
Description:artiste, tall person
Music: Bad Religion, Rilo Kiley, Elvis Costello
FYI: secretly a superhero

Name: DJ
Description:rocker, philosopher
Music: Good Riddance, Lifetime, Iron Maiden
FYI: speaks fluent French, has a mole

Name: Kirk
Description:hardest-working man in show business
Music: Coldplay, the Clash, Marvin Gaye
FYI: has Mafia ties
Name: Matt
Description:big hairy kid in Hawaiian shorts
Music: Rancid, Ryan Adams, Rise Against
FYI: quite the chef; brother of Liz and Leigh

Name: Leigh
Description:the hot little sister
Music: Weezer, Goldfinger, Alkaline Trio
FYI: quotes Monty Python; sister of Matt and Liz

Name: Ahmed
Description:funny ... and eeeevil
Music: Metallica, Dr. Dre, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
FYI: he likes big butts and he cannot lie

Name: Will
Description:cynical blonde
Music: Thrice, Coheed and Cambria, Nickel Creek
FYI: pretty smart for a guy who thinks with his stomach

Name: Liz
Description:neurotic observer of the human condition
Music: Against Me!, Screeching Weasel, Bon Jovi (shuddup)
FYI: enjoys mosh pits, poetry, long walks on the beach...

Name: Angelina
Description:the Big Anthropomorphic Hamster
Music: the Descendants, the Ramones, the Mr. T Experience
FYI: single and looking!

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