About the Comic

...Hey Suburbia! features an ensemble cast of young people coming of age in a generic American small town. Though seen mostly through the eyes of Liz, your standard-issue non-average insecure spaz, the events portrayed here could happen to anyone, even you! (Well, except you over there. Yeah you, geek. Turn off the computer and get a life already, for goshsakes.)

Music is a common theme, especially music of the punk persuasion; however, those who inhabit Heysuburbialand possess personal tastes and preferences as varied as the individuals themselves. Please don't label us punks and let the characterization stop there. There's so much more to everyone than just their tastes.

Not much else to say. Don't let the mix of realism and cartoonish zaniness throw you off; I think we all agree that life would be so much more interesting if there more things bursting into flames and giant talking hamsters and such. If you don't believe me, try reading Marquez sometime.

About the Writer/Artist

Who is responsible for this mess, you ask? That would be me, Rocky Foxtop. I'm a college freshman on the east coast, a self-taught artist and guitarist (hence, not a very good one), and a pretty mean cook if I do say so myself. I started this comic because it was summer and I was bored, and it became so popular with my friends that I decided to start posting it online for the whole world to enjoy! Please, hold your applause. I love Jesus (really!), rock and roll, being straight-edge, and home-cooked meals. I can't stand people who punch girls in the mosh pit and the fact that CD cases are so #@$&!!! hard to open. Any questions, comments, insults, and apple pies can be sent to me at eross9to@mwc.edu No stalkers, please.

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